Repairing Air Conditioners

Just as any other electrical appliance, an air conditioner will most definitely break down at some point. This is besides the fact that it is designed to last long and stand various adverse electrical conditions. If the system has been of service for a period almost close to or exceeding ten years, then one of the problems you might encounter is the A.C unit being old to the extent that it becomes noisy or even rotting. On many occasions people who have encountered these problems tend to look for experts to fix them, something that they can do on their own. Here you will be guided on how to go about these problems one by one, without necessarily involving a professional.


Fixing noisy air conditioners

So, what happens when one has an air conditioner that is creaky and makes noise? Do you throw it away? Where does the noise usually come from? This discussion will try to put these questions into perspectives. To begin with, it is important to locate the source of the noise: a condenser within the conditioner. This should not cause you some sleepless nights, as it is a problem that can be solved in more than one ways. For those who think that the noise is as a result of their conditioners being old, then they can as well purchase new ones.

The first step towards solving the problem is trying to identify the cause of the noise. Try to know why it with so much noise. When you have identified the problem, then next step will be to opening up the appliance by way of unscrewing it up then lift the top panel.

If it is a case of an A.C that is old, then the best alternative would be to purchase a new one. Due to technological advancements, the A.C models designed today are far much better in that they are quieter as compared to the ancient ones. This is because newer models of air conditioners sold today are much quieter as compared to those made years ago. They also do double up as being efficient when it comes to conservation of energy, which helps in reduction of charging rates.

If you do purchase a new device and still there is noise, then the problem lies squarely on the compressor. You need to have a look at this. One can partially solve this by way of using a sound proof blanket. This blanket is usually bought form the supplier of the appliance, or from any other shop. These blankets will not work well with older A.Cs.

Want to change a rotten insulation?

Failure to replace an insulation that is rotten will impact negatively on one’s bills as the consumption rate will be increased due to its inefficiency to conserve power.  Changing the insulation is not as demanding:  the first step is for one to remove to insulation that is rotten. One has to get the measurement of the outside A.C line, by measuring its diameter. Insulations sizes are different, so one has to specifically order for the specific insulation. When the order arrives, it is cut into the required size, though it is necessary not to cut the exact size, for purposes of ensuring full insulation of wires. Once this is done, one needs to correctly put the A.C lines as required. The last thing to do is to join the two sides so as to safely store the A.C line where it is supposed to