There Are Many Benefits To Spray Foam Insulation In Your Phoenix AZ Home


Is your home in need of new insulation? You may be considering traditional insulation, but that’s actually the wrong move to make for a number of reasons. The benefits of spray foam insulation far outweigh the benefits of the regular kind.

Some of those benefits are:

  • Spray foam can stop the infiltration of air and moisture, which makes your home much more comfortable.Attic Spray Foam In Phoenix
  • Spray foam insulation is extremely valuable because it can save on energy costs. You’ll appreciate this when you see they are energy bills are no longer as expensive as they once were.
  • Do you have any dust and pollen issues? Spray foam insulation is great at keeping dust and pollen out of your home.
  • It’s permanent, and unlike regular insulation it is never going to lose its firmness and begin sagging on you.
  • This style of insulation is also great because it helps add firmness and strength to a building structure.
  • For some, ice damming is a problem. If you use spray foam insulation, it’s going to be a thing of the past.
  • This style of insulation is also good because it helps improve the quality of the air within a building. It keeps out unwanted particles that can float around in the air.
  • It’s perfect because it meets all building codes.

As you can see, the benefits are huge for choosing spray foam insulation over the traditional style. If you’d like to make the switch, we will gladly help.

Here’s what you can do…

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Things to Know about Spray Foam Insulation

Not only are the benefits that we’ve already listed huge, but there are other things to know in order to stay informed about this particular style of insulation and why it can help protect your building.

Let’s take a look…

Air infiltration – most people don’t realize this, but air infiltration is a serious problem as far as energy costs are concerned. When this is happening, you may not realize that you are potentially paying an extra 10% to 40% in energy bills for your building. That is a lot to spend when it can easily be avoided using spray foam insulation.

HVAC equipment demands – the SPF in spray foam insulation works wonders because it reduces the demands needed on HVAC equipment. It makes the whole system work more efficiently and effectively, which ultimately will save you money by allowing your equipment to last longer due to less wear and tear.

Reduce air leakage – the SPF within the insulation is also quite effective at reducing moisture. It does this because it helps reduce air leakage, and that prevents the moisture from entering into the building.

There’s no question that spray foam insulation is the way better choice. It’s proven to be much more effective than traditional insulation.

We’d love to help install it in your building. Please give us a call and we will start the process of switching you over to spray foam insulation right away.