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You may not realize it, but there are many important benefits to having spray foam insulation in an attic. You could literally end up saving a tremendous amount of money if and when your attic is properly insulated.

We would like to discuss the typical attic and show you where you could be suffering by wasting energy. Then we will go into the main benefits.

Let’s take a look…

What Happens with the Typical Attic?

In a typical attic, most people often overlook the fact that it could be a real problem area as far as wasting energy is concerned. Attic Insulation Phoenix Without proper spray foam insulation, you could suffer from issues including:

  • Massive temperature changes that it dramatically increases the costs of heating and cooling your home or building.
  • During the winter, attics are most often very cold. This could pose a major problem because the freezing air is going to get through open soffits and ridge vents. In order to prevent this from happening and raising your energy bills, insulation via spray foam could help prevent wasted energy in the form of oil, gas or electricity, depending on your heating set up.
  • During the summer, the sun has the ability to radiate heat through the roof. When this happens, the temperature rises to higher than normal levels. In fact, during the warm summer months you can expect your attic to be scorching hot. It’s typically much, much hotter than it is outside. Proper insulation could help reduce your air-conditioning costs and cut down on it the excessive heat during a hot summer.
  • According to the US Department of Energy, many homes suffer from inadequate insulation and improper air sealing. This will cause dramatic variations in temperature that will completely affect the heat or coldness of the main living areas. It typically happens through air leakages or directly through the ceiling.

The Main Benefits of Attic Spray Foam

As you can imagine, there are a number of great benefits to using attic spray foam. These benefits include:

  • It is an excellent way to lower your energy costs.Atttic Spray Foam Pic
  • Provides a better quality to indoor air.
  • The indoor environment is much quieter.
  • Attic spray foam helps increase overall comfort.
  • It helps to seal voids and cracks.
  • It helps to eliminate condensation.
  • It helps put an end to unwanted drafts.
  • It does not shrink or settle.
  • It can fill even the most irregular shapes.
  • It helps to add strength to your structure.

It’s plain to see that the benefits of spray foam far outweigh any potential negatives. In fact, it’s much better than fiberglass insulation because of its better air sealing properties. No matter how well you insulate with fiberglass, it does not provide the much-needed air barrier that will prevent air from moving through it.

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