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Christian Schmidt, owner of Island Basement Systems, provides professional home improvement services, such as basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and spray foam insulation upgrades to local homeowners throughout Victoria, British Columbia.

Having served thousands of homeowners throughout the Vancouver Island area, Schmidt and Island Basement Systems have helped transform wet and disastrous basement and crawl space environments into energy efficient and functional rooms since 2005!

In this video, Christian explains the differences between closed cell and open cell spray foam insulation and how they are used when insulating a crawl space. With his company providing both types of insulation materials for the home, Christian is very familiar with both types of spray foam insulation and suggests when each should be used.

Open cell spray foam insulation is a soft, expanding material that does a great job of both insulating and air sealing empty spaces. Open cell spray foam is usually less expensive than closed-cell spray foam and is considered a green option because it is water-blown, releasing fewer chemicals within the composition.

Closed cell foam expands into a compact, hard type of insulation, which besides, adding significant R-Value and air sealing to the home, also acts as a vapor barrier.

The decision between choosing closed cell spray foam and open cell spray foam for insulating a crawl space can be very difficult, that’s why a professional should be contacted. With many variables to consider, Island Basement Systems does the work for you, conducting a thorough evaluation of the crawl space, including measurements and analysis of water content in the wooden structure.

To have your crawl space properly insulated and permanently protected against mold and moisture, trust the experts at Island Basement Systems.