Insulating the sky parlor: Attic spray foam insulation

Sky parlor, attic, garret or the loft, are the names given to the space located just below the roof of a pitched house. The common name for this place is attic and in some houses, it is usually used as a bedroom, home office or even command station. In most cases, the attic is typically out of reach and people prefer it as a long time storage space. The attics are responsible for regulation of temperatures in a building. Architects and interior designers recommend for insulated attics to avoid a significant amount of energy loss from a building.

What is the best method to insulate the attic

The best method to insulate the attic is by using the spray foam insulation that is a substitute of the fiberglass. Spray foam insulation consists of a spray-foam-attic-savings-polyol resin and an isocynate component mixture that has a similar working as the fiberglass insulation, but it is made more effective for heat regulation in the attics. Spray foam insulation helps to keep homes at the desired temperatures without the attic temperatures interfering with them. This way, the temperatures in a room will be cooler during the summer and warmer in winter. When the attic is insulated using the spray foam insulation, AC appliances will be able to regulate the room temperature without the attic temperature altering their operations.

The first operation during the attic spray foam is to clear any kind of obstruction of thermal insulation between the attic and the occupied space. This is done to ensure that the attic is airtight before applying the spray foam. There are instances where homeowners use the do it yourself spray foam kit to insulate their attics. Though this is a relatively less expensive method, it can turn out to be very costly when applied inappropriately by an untrained contractor. This will yield poor results, and can cost more than hiring a qualified technician. Therefore, a homeowner should know exactly what he or she is doing before deciding to insulate the attic using the spray foam all by himself.

What is the advantage of using the spray foam insulation

The advantage of using the spray foam insulation in the attic is that it seals the roof deck completely and prevents it from rodents and pests, which might sneak to the attic. Presence of rodents in the attic may produce unpleasant odors from their excrement or even filthy smell when they die in there. The best spray foam for the attic is the closed cell spray foam that seals the moisture and warm air into the surfaces, which is the main cause of energy loss in an uninsulated attic. The spray foam is suitable for attic since this type of insulation is highly flammable and the attic can be considered less prone to naked flames than the residing area.

Spray foam insulation works perfectly with a HVAC duct temperature regulating system. The best way to achieve this is to turn the attic into a conditioned energy saving space. In this case, any heat that the HVAC generate is usually retained in that space avoiding energy loss. It is also advisable that the attic should be left free from storing items since they disrupt the efficiency by causing air leak into the room.