Why Use Attic Spray Foam Insulation Anyway?

When talking about insulating the attic, there are several options available all over the market promising best results in insulation. These include the fiberglass, among others, but why use the spray foam insulation for the attic? Apart from its several benefits, it also offers a closed cell choice which turns out to be the best options for attic energy loss solution and wood rot due to excessive moisture. Below are some of the benefits of using attic spray insulation:

Fire-ProtectionCreates a good smoke and fire protection

The attic acts as an air exchange chamber, and if not well insulated it allows the flow of oxygen from the exterior. An attic insulated with spray foam seals all possible oxygen entrances in the attic. This slows down the chances of fire spreading in buildings.  The slowing down of fire spread buys a homeowner more time to make safety arrangements.

Cool down energy losses

Fiberglass may seem to provide a good insulation to the attic space but in actual sense, it does not allow complete air seal into the residing area. Considering the fact that the attic contributes to a significant amount of heat loss in buildings, any air leakage can lead to costly energy bills. Closed spray foam insulation provides solution for such problems by completely sealing the spaces and holes that may lead to this energy loss.

Noise reduction

Spray foam insulation acts as sound proof by sealing the cracks, holes and outlets in the attics. These outlets are the avenues where sound get through, into the building. By sealing these avenues using the spray foam insulation, one creates a serene and comfortable living environment. With attic spray foam insulation, it is possible to live close to noisy streets without the noise filtering its way into the building.


Shun pests and rodents from getting into the attic

Spaces in the attic may cause the rodents and pest to sneak in and cause atmospheric unpleasantness in the room. Rodents produce filthy smell form their excrements or may even die and results to odors in the building. Spray foam insulation seals any rodent’s entrances, creating a pest free attic.

Avoid mold growth and lowers moisture

Gaps and cracks increases the levels of humidity in the attic. This is a major problem when it comes to attic space and results to mould growth that lowers the life span of the timber. Spray foam insulation seals all sorts of such cracks and prevents mould growth which increases the life period of the attic timber and the building in general

Tax and financial benefits

Spray foam insulation may seem to be expensive during purchase but its performance makes it worth every cent. Its effectiveness in insulating the attic and the building creates long-term effects that save homeowners maintenance and replacement costs. Since spray foam insulation saves a great deal in environment conservation, the government relives its sale and manufacture from tax. This benefit goes down to the consumer who enjoys federal tax deductions as the attic spray qualifies for it.