Spray Foam- Solving Insulation Problems

Spray Foam- Solving Insulation Problems

When one decides to consider building a residential or business building, they are required to insulate the buildings. Failure to do so translates to the house missing out on many features that an insulated house does have. The whole idea of insulation can actually be realized in quite a number of ways. One of these ways includes spray foam. This is seen as being long lasting, efficient and the most recommended.


This kind of insulation can easily be planted into one’s house any time, even when the occupants of the said house are residing there. However, many people do actually prefer to have the installation of this appliance done on their houses as soon as they purchase, or during construction, so as to avoid some damages which would otherwise have been prevented. Some of these damages may include scenarios where there are molds accumulating on the walls. Without proper insulation, the bacteria will have opportunities to break into the walls at their own pleasure for households that are experiencing such kind of problems, and then they are encouraged to sign up for the spray foam appliance service. As stated, these can be fixed at any time, even if the house is already occupied. With the right qualified experts, a house that had problems will in no time be in a good condition, better than before, for the walls will be repaired and sealed with spray foam that is long lasting, and can not loosen up to create space.

From an economical point of view, there are some households that do undergo through some huge economic bills. Some of them are usually left with so little in their pockets. This at times is due to the appliances that they use, which do not conserve energy.  Use of spray foam insulation will surely work on reducing the huge bills. High bills can be as a result of large airspaces and gaps which allow air to permeate through, thus one will need to use more energy every day. Spray foam will not only save in terms of finances, but butt it will also play a major role in  preventing unnecessary air from creping inside, thus acting as a regulator of temperature. An advantage of preventing air from creeping back in is that the air might contain some poisonous components thus affecting humans.

Spray foam insulation role

Spray foam insulation also plays a critical role with regards to sound blockage. At times people do have some problems when it comes to noise, which might come from outside or even a room nearby. In many situations, the objects or people producing this noise might be oblivious of the fact that others do not want it, or might be affected by it. Proper insulation will prove useful in such a situation. It will block the noise from permitting the walls and negatively affecting an individual.

Installation of spray foam guarantees one immediate positive feedback with regards to the problems one might encounter. Insulators do offer quality and satisfying results. They also assure the uses a warranty that will be valid for as long as the building will be operational.

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Spray Foam Insulation – Making Other Insulators Useless

Spray Foam Insulation – Making Other Insulators Useless

Many consumers have identified Spray foam insulation as being the most recommended and efficient type of insulation as compared to any other. In short, it has no equal for instance, when put side by side with fiberglass insulation for comparison purposes, it provides adequate moisture as well as sufficient air protection among many other positive values that it portraits that make it incomparable with the others.

Poor Insulation Air Study

Many of the research results have shown that approximately 40% of energy derived form structures may definitely be lost as a result of poor insulation of air. Other insulation devices such as Insulation like fiberglass is usually put intact in one place, or do have openings upon sticking them onto walls. This allows for enough space for air to pass and circulate.

This kind of spray is designed in such a way that it facilitates complete prevention of problems associated with air infiltration. This is a welcome idea due to the fact that it will go along way in saving energy consumption and thus the charge rates. This fact can be explained by the fact that this type of insulation is noted to have a high resistance value, thus the insulating rate is equally high. It also enhances temperature control due to the fact that the material used sticks to the surface.

Due to the fact that these insulators do have high quality air barriers, they are also helpful when it comes to reducing moisture thus causing damage. It is a known fact that too much moisture will subsequently result to problems, especially with moulds. This might turn out to be a health hazard in the house, due to lack of sufficient moisture control.

It is quite unfortunate though, that there are no definite solutions with regards to prevention of moulds. as such, one is usually encouraged to prevent such before the catastrophe hits. One suggestion is for people to construct sealing that are stable and can act as barriers with the spray insulation by ensuring stable sealing and barrier protection with spray insulation. This insulation is tipped to reduce numerous factors causing the destruction of moulds, and try to prevent the likeliness of the problems associated with moulds having to occur in the first place.

Other use of Insulator

This insulator is also involved in rendering others useless in that it aides with strengthening of the structures as well as acting on soundproof. It offers some kind of monolithic stability, thus strengthening the walls. Apart from this, it is also accredited with strengthening acoustics within the environs, and subsequently reducing sound travelling. It also adds to the tightening of acoustics within an environment, helping to reduce the sound of travel as well as allowing for some privacy.

Generally, spray foam insulation can be of many benefits which are spread across the many sectors of a household. This way, it generally eclipses other insulation facilities and offers unfavorable competition.

It is also known to be effective when it comes to fighting dust particles as well as pollen grains. It has a very long lifespan. It protects the household from water by way of having strong insulators. It is efficient in terms of energy consumption and charging rates.

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Repairing Air Conditioners

Repairing Air Conditioners

Just as any other electrical appliance, an air conditioner will most definitely break down at some point. This is besides the fact that it is designed to last long and stand various adverse electrical conditions. If the system has been of service for a period almost close to or exceeding ten years, then one of the problems you might encounter is the A.C unit being old to the extent that it becomes noisy or even rotting. On many occasions people who have encountered these problems tend to look for experts to fix them, something that they can do on their own. Here you will be guided on how to go about these problems one by one, without necessarily involving a professional.


Fixing noisy air conditioners

So, what happens when one has an air conditioner that is creaky and makes noise? Do you throw it away? Where does the noise usually come from? This discussion will try to put these questions into perspectives. To begin with, it is important to locate the source of the noise: a condenser within the conditioner. This should not cause you some sleepless nights, as it is a problem that can be solved in more than one ways. For those who think that the noise is as a result of their conditioners being old, then they can as well purchase new ones.

The first step towards solving the problem is trying to identify the cause of the noise. Try to know why it with so much noise. When you have identified the problem, then next step will be to opening up the appliance by way of unscrewing it up then lift the top panel.

If it is a case of an A.C that is old, then the best alternative would be to purchase a new one. Due to technological advancements, the A.C models designed today are far much better in that they are quieter as compared to the ancient ones. This is because newer models of air conditioners sold today are much quieter as compared to those made years ago. They also do double up as being efficient when it comes to conservation of energy, which helps in reduction of charging rates.

If you do purchase a new device and still there is noise, then the problem lies squarely on the compressor. You need to have a look at this. One can partially solve this by way of using a sound proof blanket. This blanket is usually bought form the supplier of the appliance, or from any other shop. These blankets will not work well with older A.Cs.

Want to change a rotten insulation?

Failure to replace an insulation that is rotten will impact negatively on one’s bills as the consumption rate will be increased due to its inefficiency to conserve power.  Changing the insulation is not as demanding:  the first step is for one to remove to insulation that is rotten. One has to get the measurement of the outside A.C line, by measuring its diameter. Insulations sizes are different, so one has to specifically order for the specific insulation. When the order arrives, it is cut into the required size, though it is necessary not to cut the exact size, for purposes of ensuring full insulation of wires. Once this is done, one needs to correctly put the A.C lines as required. The last thing to do is to join the two sides so as to safely store the A.C line where it is supposed to

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The Rationale Behind Insulation Repair

The Rationale Behind Insulation Repair

Due to the ever-rising cost of life and that of other necessities in the houses, many people have deemed it essential to insulate their homes properly and to always be on the lookout so as to facilitate insulation repairs whenever the need arises. If properly and timely carried out, this insulation will ensure that one actually saves money and facilitate comfort with regards to the spaces in the house.

Many people always do wish, and as such try to find ways of trying to conserve energy and control its consumption in the houses. One sure way to doing this has been discovered to be insulation: doing it correctly and updating it regularly to ensure it is current. Lack of proper insulation will most definitely result to inefficiency when it comes to regulating the temperatures in the house. Poor installation which leads to unregulated temperatures will have a negative effect on one’s furnace, or air conditioners for those who use them. These apparatus will be overworked to the extreme end and for longer periods than required. The ultimate price will be a higher bill rate at the end of the month for whichever the energy source one uses-gas or electricity. This will also lead to the appliances depreciating in their value and duration due

Insulation can save money

All those who think that their bills are crazy or have the intensions of saving money are encouraged to go for insulation. With time, the insulation system may wear out or even depreciate and get spoilt. If this happens during such seasons as winter, the results might be increased heat loss, as well as lack of some cool air, if it is during such periods as summer. The best cure to such unfortunate predicaments is repairing the insulation, or even just check ups. These will help reduce the electricity bill rates that come at the end of the month.

Probably some of you have never undertaken to carry out insulation before, and are wondering how and where to start from. Well, the good news is that there are numerous types of materials that are usually used for insulation. These are subject to specific appliances applications and uses. They do include such materials as: radiant barriers, fiberglass among others. Among these types, foam has been known to be used in areas that do not come into contact with water, floors and ceiling boards. Basically used when dealing with attics and walls, fiberglass is perhaps one of the commonly known insulators. Other forms of insulators that are gradually gaining favor with the users are the Radiant barriers. This has been so due to their effectiveness when it comes to reflections of large amounts of heat away from the house, thus regulating temperatures.

Make your home the most ideal place to live with

Many people usually do dream of their homes being the most ideal places, such that they will find all the comfort and relaxation and tranquility there. Well, this is something that one can achieve, and the first step towards achieving this is by repairing one’s insulations in the house. The job is not an easy one, thus the need to hire some technicians.

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What You Should Know About Spray Foam Insulation

What You Should Know About Spray Foam Insulation

Closed cell spray foam is arguably the best insulation material. It resists heat movement, a great feature that can never be found in other insulations like fiber glass. Insulation with fiber glass often leaves spaces where heat can be unnecessarily lost and therefore not very efficient.

Another noticeable merit with spray foam is that it saves a lot of space unlike cellulose or fiber glass. The thickness of spray foam is dependent on where it is sprayed but under normal circumstances, it goes about 3 inches in depth upon installation. More over, with a furnace that is energy efficient, you can save a great deal of energy with spray foams.

Spray foams and the environment

Spray foams are highly criticized by environmentalists for not being eco-friendly. Although they are packaged in well recycled bottles, their main ingredients consist of oil and petroleum which are considered harmful to the environment. Those using spray foams are also advised to be very careful and avoid inhaling their smell directly since it could adversely affect their health. One of the major health consequences of consistent inhalation of spray foams is development of asthma. It is recommended that all who use spray foams should do it while wearing protective gear.

closed cell spray foams

It’s important to note that closed cell spray foams may be used just about any where. They are particularly effective in lofts or in areas where floor boards rest firmly on the foundation. Cost is one of the biggest barriers that prevent people from using closed cell spray foam because its price is quite prohibitive (approximately USD 3 per square Ft). This is in spite of its efficiency. As a matter of fact, it is more expensive than any other type of insulation. Nonetheless, it is the one product that you can bank on to deliver utmost efficiency.

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Why use attic spray foam insulation anyway?

Why Use Attic Spray Foam Insulation Anyway?

When talking about insulating the attic, there are several options available all over the market promising best results in insulation. These include the fiberglass, among others, but why use the spray foam insulation for the attic? Apart from its several benefits, it also offers a closed cell choice which turns out to be the best options for attic energy loss solution and wood rot due to excessive moisture. Below are some of the benefits of using attic spray insulation:

Fire-ProtectionCreates a good smoke and fire protection

The attic acts as an air exchange chamber, and if not well insulated it allows the flow of oxygen from the exterior. An attic insulated with spray foam seals all possible oxygen entrances in the attic. This slows down the chances of fire spreading in buildings.  The slowing down of fire spread buys a homeowner more time to make safety arrangements.

Cool down energy losses

Fiberglass may seem to provide a good insulation to the attic space but in actual sense, it does not allow complete air seal into the residing area. Considering the fact that the attic contributes to a significant amount of heat loss in buildings, any air leakage can lead to costly energy bills. Closed spray foam insulation provides solution for such problems by completely sealing the spaces and holes that may lead to this energy loss.

Noise reduction

Spray foam insulation acts as sound proof by sealing the cracks, holes and outlets in the attics. These outlets are the avenues where sound get through, into the building. By sealing these avenues using the spray foam insulation, one creates a serene and comfortable living environment. With attic spray foam insulation, it is possible to live close to noisy streets without the noise filtering its way into the building.


Shun pests and rodents from getting into the attic

Spaces in the attic may cause the rodents and pest to sneak in and cause atmospheric unpleasantness in the room. Rodents produce filthy smell form their excrements or may even die and results to odors in the building. Spray foam insulation seals any rodent’s entrances, creating a pest free attic.

Avoid mold growth and lowers moisture

Gaps and cracks increases the levels of humidity in the attic. This is a major problem when it comes to attic space and results to mould growth that lowers the life span of the timber. Spray foam insulation seals all sorts of such cracks and prevents mould growth which increases the life period of the attic timber and the building in general

Tax and financial benefits

Spray foam insulation may seem to be expensive during purchase but its performance makes it worth every cent. Its effectiveness in insulating the attic and the building creates long-term effects that save homeowners maintenance and replacement costs. Since spray foam insulation saves a great deal in environment conservation, the government relives its sale and manufacture from tax. This benefit goes down to the consumer who enjoys federal tax deductions as the attic spray qualifies for it.

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How to insulate the loft by attic spray foam insulation

How to Insulate the Loft by Attic Spray Foam Insulation

Homeowners with houses having attics that are not insulated do experience room temperature irregularities. This irregularity is because of energy loss through the attic, which is actually, the major problem that leads to over 40 % energy loss in buildings. The best way out of this is to ensure that attics are insulated. A good insulation choice is required to perfectly cut the energy loss and yield the desired results. In this case, the best insulation for will be the spray foam insulation.

Types of Spay Foam Insulation

There are two types of spray foam insulation, which are, the closed cell, and the open cell insulation. The suitable spray foam for the attic is usually the closed cell insulation.  The open cell can also be used but it does not yield bets results when compared with the closed cell. Spray foam insulation can be used to seal cracks, crannies and nooks in the attic and make them air and water tight, which normal fiberglass, and open cell spray foam cannot. There are two major options available for attic insulation. A homeowner can decide to buy a do it yourself kit or call a profession to help insulating the attic.

Spray foam insulation is normally contained in various aerosol containers in liquid form. When sprayed on a surface, it spreads, hardens and expands many times its size, upon coming into contact with the surface. The advantage of spray foam insulation is that it can easily get into small cracks where normal fiberglass cannot get into.

Determine the Amount of Attic Spray Foam Insulation Requirement and the Recommended R-value

The first step is to determine the amount of attic spray foam insulation required, and the recommended R-value in the region. The owner will determine the amount of insulation required by first checking the amount of insulation that he or she already have. The homeowner will also be required to find out the R-value of the region he or she is living to know what type of insulation will be needed.

After that, the homeowner will be able to decide the best can of the insulation and pressure sprayer to buy. The insulation is then sprayed in cracks and crevices directly, and it stays there for a considerably long time. The advantage of using the spray foam to insulate the attic is that one will not be strictly required to have the protective gear to avoid skin itching, like in the case of using fiberglass. However, protective mask are advised during installation to keep off the aerosol spray chemicals.

When installing the spray foam insulation in the attic, one may consider various helpful tips for better results. Factors such as the climate of the place, the budget and the how the house is designed should be taken into consideration. For proper moisture control, wind baffles should be installed at the draft entrance to control the airflow into the attic. Proper ventilation helps to cool off summer energy costs. However, if the attic insulation is at the underside it is advisable not to include ventilation. Homeowners should seek professional advice during a do it yourself installation or hire a qualified technician. These will enable yielding of desired results with attic spray foam insulation.

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Attic foam insulation: do it yourself kit

Attic Foam Insulation: Do it Yourself Kit

Attic foam insulation

There are various methods and choices out in the market to insulate a building attic but the best one is the spray foam insulation. Other options may yield good results for other rooms and spaces, but spray foam insulation is worth every cent when used to insulate the attic. Spray foam insulation is available in many choices and home owners who have bits of technical skills in working with spray foam insulation, can acquire  a do it yourself spray foam kit. A do it yourself spray foam kit is easy to use which comes in two major formulas.

Do it yourself kits can be either in high-pressure aerosol can, or low pressure one. The best kit for attic spray foam insulation is the low-pressure sprayer. Even low pressured do it yourself spray foam can be tricky at times and is left to the professionals. Each kit comes with protective wear, eye protective gear, long pant, sleeves, and a respirator. The instructions may have slight differences according to the manufacturer. Before any proceeding with the DIY spray foam insulation project, it is best to ensure that the manual is read and well understood

Check and  Examine House Skin

The first step is to check and examine the envelope of the house, also known as the house skin. These are points where the cold and heat meet. These are places where the sunrays or day light filter through and one can feel draft from the outside to the attic. These points of the attic should be noted down to know where to concentrate on while spraying. The next step is to remove any kind of junk or debris that may be present in the attic. Thorough cleaning may not be necessary but any debris that may interfere with the insulating interaction with the attic temperatures and the entire room should be removed.

Always Keep Proper Ventilation

Ensure that there are no naked flames present and keep proper ventilation by fanning or open the windows when spraying. Shake well the container before use for a minute, to enable proper content mixture. Assemble the sprayer by attaching the nozzle and the straw on top of the can. Spray the noted and identified areas in the attic where air leaks and wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the insulation layer to dry. A little of water can be sprayed on top of the insulation before further insulation layers are added. For better results, it is advisable to seal any bead that surrounds the trap door of the attic, the eaves and HVAC vents.

Spray foam insulation can be either closed cell or even open cell. The closed cell consists of densely close insulation cells, offers high R-value of over six and tends to be more rigid. It acts as a good barrier for water and air making it the best option for attic insulation. The open cell usually has an R-value of 3.9 and offers little or no resistance to water and vapor. The open cell insulation resembles sponge and it is best recommended for interior walls.

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Insulating the sky parlor: Attic spray foam insulation

Insulating the sky parlor: Attic spray foam insulation

Sky parlor, attic, garret or the loft, are the names given to the space located just below the roof of a pitched house. The common name for this place is attic and in some houses, it is usually used as a bedroom, home office or even command station. In most cases, the attic is typically out of reach and people prefer it as a long time storage space. The attics are responsible for regulation of temperatures in a building. Architects and interior designers recommend for insulated attics to avoid a significant amount of energy loss from a building.

What is the best method to insulate the attic

The best method to insulate the attic is by using the spray foam insulation that is a substitute of the fiberglass. Spray foam insulation consists of a spray-foam-attic-savings-polyol resin and an isocynate component mixture that has a similar working as the fiberglass insulation, but it is made more effective for heat regulation in the attics. Spray foam insulation helps to keep homes at the desired temperatures without the attic temperatures interfering with them. This way, the temperatures in a room will be cooler during the summer and warmer in winter. When the attic is insulated using the spray foam insulation, AC appliances will be able to regulate the room temperature without the attic temperature altering their operations.

The first operation during the attic spray foam is to clear any kind of obstruction of thermal insulation between the attic and the occupied space. This is done to ensure that the attic is airtight before applying the spray foam. There are instances where homeowners use the do it yourself spray foam kit to insulate their attics. Though this is a relatively less expensive method, it can turn out to be very costly when applied inappropriately by an untrained contractor. This will yield poor results, and can cost more than hiring a qualified technician. Therefore, a homeowner should know exactly what he or she is doing before deciding to insulate the attic using the spray foam all by himself.

What is the advantage of using the spray foam insulation

The advantage of using the spray foam insulation in the attic is that it seals the roof deck completely and prevents it from rodents and pests, which might sneak to the attic. Presence of rodents in the attic may produce unpleasant odors from their excrement or even filthy smell when they die in there. The best spray foam for the attic is the closed cell spray foam that seals the moisture and warm air into the surfaces, which is the main cause of energy loss in an uninsulated attic. The spray foam is suitable for attic since this type of insulation is highly flammable and the attic can be considered less prone to naked flames than the residing area.

Spray foam insulation works perfectly with a HVAC duct temperature regulating system. The best way to achieve this is to turn the attic into a conditioned energy saving space. In this case, any heat that the HVAC generate is usually retained in that space avoiding energy loss. It is also advisable that the attic should be left free from storing items since they disrupt the efficiency by causing air leak into the room.

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closed cell polyurethane foam

Insulating exterior walls with a low pressure polyurethane spray foam kit. Closed cell foam is recommended for exterior wall applications. For more information please visit www.energyefficientsolutions.com

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